First blogging journey

I had my very first blog back in 2012 just to share random stuffs and stories, so basically just for fun to get myself used to write in English. Lately, I’ve been wondering what I actually want to do in the future, some people keep asking me and before that I feel like I have the answer in my mind but in fact, I do not know the exact answer. I am majoring in Business Administration and I am very certain of that, but to answer the more specific question, I still need to figure out on which side I am supposed to be. I finally found the answer after I finish my first year (which was few months ago), and finally I came into a conclusion that it would be around branding and marketing. Nonetheless, I do still have the dream of business in real estate but I would put that on the top stage and just focus on the starting point now.

And today I decided to have a new blog with a different platform because I need a completely new and fresh thing to start a blog that will become my commitment from now on. There are lots of consideration before I decided to create this blog and I did some researches on youtube and articles to gain more tips to boost my confidence and courage.


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Well, here I am now, writing my very first post in the middle of the night with the rain outside of my window and hoping that this could be a start of an amazing journey.

And I know from the very beginning that patience and consistency are the key to any kind of success including this. Hope everyone will love my contents! I would try my best to stick with the main keys and cherish this learning process.

Stay happy and let’s support each other! 🙂