Sun is out

Who is happy to see the sun after a week full of rain? ME. Yes. The weather is very unpredictable lately and even in one day there could be the sun, wind, or rain coming at different times. The weather does affect my emotional feelings sometimes, but I love rain since forever, the sound and smell are very peaceful. But in The Netherlands the weather constantly changes, most of the time is gloomy and somehow it makes me miss the heat and the sun.

Once the sun goes out, everyone is out!

I went to the park with my friend to have some chill and sun-kissed kinda thing. Oh and this park was only around 7 minutes by bike from my place and it was very pretty!

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This park was close to the train station and I take the train everyday but I never pay enough attention to walk a bit further into this park and I’m super glad in the end I did.

A bit out of topic, I honestly don’t really know how to style myself but I like this green-army sweater though! But probably my hair colour a bit against it, but what do you think?

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I love black! Everyone around me knows how much I wear and have black clothes (even in summer) ๐Ÿ˜€ I find it as the most flexible and neutral colour ever because any kind of colours will match black. And this is how I manage black in my outfit.

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Anyway this post is not about my outfit so back to the topic ๐Ÿ˜€ the view is all that matters. In the end, we had fun in the park, got some dirts, great talks and jokes. I really like the pictures that we took at the park because it gave a wonderful natural colour touch. I mean look at how beautiful the sky and the grass altogether in squares.

I valued simplicity a lot. I love simple things and I know how easy it is to create happiness out of it. I admire the nature a lot and by just looking at it, I feel happy. Being able to captured it perfectly is a bonus point for me and being able to share it to the people on the internet is another personal blissfulness.