Amsterdam in 5 Hours

I travel alone most of the time. I like being on the train going back and forth just to clear my mind up. I’ve been to many cities in The Netherlands and mostly just to do shopping and eat food that’s all. Well every city has their own Centrum (city centre) where there are lot of stores, cafes, restaurants, etc, and surprisingly I only look for the city centre every time I went to new cities all this time. And then one day I asked myself, “what is the point of going to the same kind of place all over again? Doing exactly the same thing. Are you just boring or?”.

Yeah. That might seem really flat but I am just doing what I am comfortable with. Nonetheless, I’m not gonna lie that someday I really want to share my thoughts towards anything in life that I’ve learned. Then I told myself, ” then do something with it, take advantage of what you have in your life, embrace change, and start to create something. You can’t just sit on the train doing nothing”

I’ve been wanting to go back to social photography because everything is pretty around every corner. However, I was not content with what I have and want to upgrade my camera so I could take better photos and videos. I grabbed my DSLR camera that always stays at the same place since last year and I remember how we used to be a best friend few years ago.

And I told my camera, “let’s be a best friend again”

row-house, flowers, bikes.




Dutch houses are pretty even though they look slightly the same.




no one on a bike.

Processed with VSCO with 10 preset



Imagine how beautiful the light can be at nights.

Processed with VSCO with c8 preset

bikes, bikes, bikes…

Processed with VSCO with 10 preset

Processed with VSCO with c8 preset

Lights, buildings and bikes are the most appealing thing for me because that really shows me the typical dutch thing. Well I know that Amsterdam has more pretty thing to see especially the historical ones. In this vacation, I believe there is more visitor coming to Amsterdam as I was surrounded by the crowds when I took those pictures. I’m not gonna lie that it was a bit an uncomfortable experience for me, I met some rude people also, and some spots were less clean than usual. Amsterdam is pretty in overall, well I personally think that Amsterdam is not that liveable for me, but it is very good for a visit.

I’m very glad that I finally put my eyes back behind the lens and captured those fineness.  I know now, I don’t need to rush to get a new camera just to start something new. I just need to develop my current abilities and it should not be something that holding me back! I need to appreciate what I already have instead of focus on something that I don’t have yet or still imaginary. Hope everyone who wants to start a blog would think the same way too 🙂

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